Thursday, August 21, 2014

People Worthy of Our Respect

Steve loved the idea of a candidate for president he could respect.  The years he spent in the military had instilled in him an understanding of what it means to lead people through hazardous conditions and times.  As an Elk Steve also honored doing the right thing and living your principles. 

When I joined Elks Steve became my mentor.  I went to him for advise on the problems I confronted within the Lodge as I served on committees and as an officer.  He always provided insights which helped me as I struggled to do the right thing, often in trying circumstances. 

Drafting Norman was my idea and I did the graphics and site.  But, as always, it was those conversations with Steve which helped me understand what needed to be done. 

Soon after our initial news release we were contacted by the newly formed Veterans Party, headed by Phil Meskin.  Phil was passionate about giving our service people a voice and it seemed like Norman would be the best candidate to ensure this happened.  A sit down meeting with Norman took place.  

I believe if the General had not already been battling cancer things could have been different in 2004. 

                                                                        Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
                                                                        Former Esquire, Santa Barbara Lodge 613